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Educational activities for visitors


For the little ones we offer the animals at our zoo

Through sensory activities and up close encounters with our wildlife, we promise to leave a lasting affect on children.

With young children, it is vital that we educate them on the importance of animals and conservation fast. The quicker they want to fight for animal advocacy, the better for our world. Giving them the opportunity to see these great animals up close will start thier human - animal connection right away, and they will forever know why we must advocate for them.

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Whether it be online or in person, you get to feel connected with our social and natural environment.

With our dedication and pride for animal advocacy, you will always feel appreciated and loved through our organization. We strive to fight for what is socially just in our world, and along that journey, the friends you would make and love are priceless. Tours of our facilities start at $59.99.

Why should you take part in educational activities?

We offer a diverse and pure learning experience. We are accepting of all demographics and beliefs in our classrooms are are excited to teach everyone willing to listen.

By learning with us not only can you understand how we operate and care for wildlife, but you can support our ongoing fight for animal advocacy. Reach out through our discord server for more information.

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